HPI Check – Free Used Car Data

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HPI Check – Free Used Car Data?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free HPI check, a quick look on the web and you’ll find they usually range in price form £10 to £30 from the big companies like the AA and RAC. However there are ways to protect yourself when buying a used car without spending an arm and a leg!

One in three used cars has a hidden history, can you afford to risk it when buying a new motor?

At TextCarCheck.com we provide vehicle history and used car data checks from just £3 – Just a quick text to us can unlock a wealth of information and give piece of mind about any used car in the UK.

Simply text “CHECK” + your reg to 78888 and you’ll get all the details you need to make a safer used car purchase.

HPI Checks – Free Yourself From Risk

Hpi check is the most popular term used people describing a used car check to reveal the history of a vehicle.

In the 1930′s the HPI group was formed by a consortium of large UK finance companies with the aim of sharing data amongst the group to combat the growing rise of vehicle finance fraud. The HPI check data was later used by the police service after World War 2 to deal with the numbers of stolen cars being sold on to the public.

In the 1980′s insurance write off and accident information was added to the data held by the HPI group, followed by used car mileage data from the National Mileage Register.

HPI is now owned by the Solera group, a non UK company with global operations but ‘getting an hpi check’ has already become the generic term used by the general public to describe a used car history check (think of ‘Hoover’ and Vacuum Cleaners!). HPI is not the only company in the UK providing used car data checks, a similar service is also provided by AutoCheck, MyCarCheck, the RAC and the AA.

TextCarCheck.com was launched to provide the same useful service but at a greatly reduced cost to the buyer, allowing you to check multiple cars before travelling to view them, saving time and money in the process.

When you are buying a used car, cover your back with a car text check from TextCarCheck.com. Simply text “CHECK” + your reg to 78888.

HPI Checks Free You From Risk – Get a Car Text Check today at TextCarCheck.com

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