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TextCarCheck.com – What are the risks of buying a used car?

You may have your heart set on buying a used car, but don’t let your enthusiasm blind you to the pitfalls that can come with it. Here are some of the things to look out for when buying a used car:

Used Car – Unpaid finance check

Around a fifth of people use finance to purchase new cars and it’s possible that some of them will not have settled the full amount when they come to sell it on.

The problem with buying a used car which still has outstanding finance attached to it is that you will not become the registered owner of it until the balance is paid off in full. If you purchase a car with outstanding finance, the law won’t be on your side either under the Sale Goods Act 1979.

If you are buying a car which the seller has used finance to purchase originally, ask to see any paperwork which proves the loan has been paid off in full. You can also contact the finance company involved to make sure there is no outstanding balance.

In any case, a text car check will let you know if there is any outstanding finance on the car, even if the seller says there isn’t. To carry out a car text check, click here.

Vehicle write-off text check

Almost half-a-million cars which have been involved in accidents every year are declared as a ‘total loss’ by insurance companies. A car text check will be able to flag up whether the car you have your eyes on has been classed as a total loss.

A car is labelled a total loss when the insurer believes that the damage to the vehicle is so bad that, financially, it is not worth repairing. This doesn’t mean, though, that such cars don’t get back on the road again as some are fixed up and sold on to an unsuspecting buyer.

If you buy a car which has been written off, but sold on, you won’t know the extent of the original damage, nor can you be confident that the repairs carried out are reliable. You could, unwittingly, be putting yourself and your passengers in dangers.

When it comes to classifying damage, insurance companies use the following categories.

*A. All parts and the vehicle are to be crushed

*B. The shell of the vehicle must be crushed and not allowed back on the road, but the car’s parts can be kept.

*C. The insurer decides, due to the extent of the damage, not to repair the car, but in can still be repaired by a third party and returned to the road.

*D. The insurer has decided the car they won’t repair the car, but it can still be fixed up and used on the road again.

*F. Damage caused by fire has led the insurer to decide not to repair the car.

*Theft: When a car is stolen, the insurer will pay out to the owner for their loss. If the vehicle is then recovered, it becomes the property of the insurance company. Therefore, if you buy a car which has previously declared stolen, you could have it taken off you, even if you were unaware of its past.

Where categories have (*) beside them, this means the DVLA will not provide new registration documents for the car until a VIC check has been conducted.

A text HPI check will show if the car you are intending to buy falls into any of these categories, giving you the best possible information from which to decide to go ahead with the purchase.

Stolen Vehicle Check

With almost half-a-million car thefts taking place in the UK each year, the used car market can feature a huge number of stolen vehicles.

You may thinking you’re getting a great deal on a motor which, unknown to you, has been previously reported stolen. But if you do buy a stolen car, you could end up losing the vehicle and the money you spent on it.

A text car check will be able to tell you if a vehicle has been reported stolen.

Clocked Car Check

Sometimes when you see a mileage listed in a used car magazine or on website, and then see the car itself, things might not add up.

When you think that a car listed as having driving 20,000 could, in reality have about five times that on it, you’ll realise that clocking is real pitfall you must be wary of. Unscrupulous sellers may alter the real mileage of car in order to enhance the value. However, when you consider that, at service intervals, certain parts will need to be replaced, an inaccurate mileage can lead to damage on your car. Around one in 20 cars are clocked in the UK, so getting a text car check can alert to the real truth behind your prospective motor.

Cloned Vehicle Text Check

When a stolen car’s identity is altered say by giving it a new paint job or changing the plates, this is called cloning. Every car will a unique VIN number and VRM and someone attempting to sell a stolen car can take a legitimate VIN from an existing car and put it on another vehicle. To avoid this, a quick HPI text check can let you know if all the relevant identification methods match up.

When you are buying a used car, go in with your eyes open by getting an instant car text check from TextCarCheck.com. Simply text “CHECK” + your reg to 78888.

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